As we know, mother’s breast milk is extremely important for any newborn child. It is nothing less than
nectar for a child, providing him/her with proper nutrition and strength. This is why breastfeeding
becomes an integral part of every woman’s life after she becomes a mother. However, there might be
quite a few issues that one can face while breastfeeding. These issues can be quite hectic to handle and
can disrupt the normal flow of life for any woman. To name a few of them, there are latch issues, low
milk supply, engorgement, sore nipples and many more. Also, if you are a working woman, it can be
quite an issue in terms of returning to work after a prolonged period of breastfeeding.
But now you don’t have to worry any more about these issues. Our expert certified lactation consultant,
Dr Afaf Alsebai at Aafiyat Medical Centre is providing personalized advice and support, assuring
complete help to women who are facing the aforementioned issues. So if you are one of them, don’t let
any of these issues make you concerned, both as a woman and as a mother. What are you waiting for?
Call us to book an one-on-one counseling session with Dr Afaf Alsebai and get the right support and
knowledge regarding the right way to breastfeed and several other issues, including the eradication of
different types of stigma related to breastfeeding.