Dr Fatema Patanwala. B.H.M.S

Dr Fatema graduated with a five and a half year-long Bachelor’s program in Homeopathic medicine from Asia’s top Institute in Mumbai, worked and collaborated with many homeopaths and doctors in Mumbai before moving to Canada and now she is also registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario, Canada, regulating body in Ontario to provide competent professional homeopathic services.

She has completed rigorous clinical training for one and a half year after graduation in Multidisciplinary hospitals such as Saifee Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbadevi Hospital in Mumbai.

She continues to give back by teaching, participating and organizing homeopathic conferences and at the same time perfecting her skills by studying with global teachers and homeopaths such as Joshi’s and Jan Scholten, incorporating their unique style of practicing homeopathy.