Medication Review

What is a medication Review? What and how about going over your prescription with the Doctor

Two out of three Canadian adults take at least one prescription drug. Some are on medication for several years without any real change. Is this safe? Are these medicines still effective? These are questions that both doctors and patients have from time to time. To make sure everyone is on the same page, experts suggest a medication review. Simply put, a medication review checks current medications to come to a consensus. The session makes sure the patient has the proper medications for the right time.

What happens during your medication review?

During a medication review, the patient will provide a doctor or nurse with detailed medical information. The patient reveals all present illnesses and any supporting prescription drugs. Patients should also include non-prescription medicines, supplements, and homeopathic treatments. Missing one of these could impact the effectiveness of the review. The doctor may ask questions about symptoms, side effects, and efficacy. This is a good time for patients to ask questions about medications too. Reviews should happen once a year and can take about 30 minutes

What Do I Bring to the Appointment?

Bring all medications that you are currently taking or have taken previously, including over the counter medications, vitamins, supplements and herbals. If you are unable to bring your medications, simply write down all information, including name and dosage, and bring that to your appointment.