Dr. Anureet Garg

Dr. Garg specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), bringing a comprehensive approach to the treatment of a wide range of pain-related conditions. Her expertise includes the management of neck, low back, and joint pain, with a commitment to improving her patients’ quality of life through non-surgical interventions.

In addition to her proficiency in pain management, Dr. Garg provides Botox injections for various conditions. Her experience encompasses treating migraines, facial spasms, eye twitching (blepharospasms), TMJ dysfunction, cervical dystonia, other dystonias, spasticity, teeth clenching (bruxism), and drooling (sialorrhea).

Dr. Garg’s patient-centered approach is rooted in understanding her patients’ unique needs and developing personalized treatment plans. She is passionate about optimizing her patients’ function and mobility, aiming to reduce pain and improve their daily activities.

We are delighted to have Dr. Garg as part of our team at Aafiyat Medical Centre. She is currently accepting new patients and looks forward to assisting them on their path to improved health.