Shaistha Zaheeruddin, MS., RD.

Dr Shaistha a registered dietitian, accredited both in the United States and Canada (through Commission on Dietetic Registration and College of Dietitians of Ontario), and the founder Modest Nutrition. She specialized in Medical Nutrition Therapy.

She did her Master’s in Nutrition & Food Science from Michigan, USA and have since more than 8 years of experience in the field of Nutrition.

She was a Research Scientist for 5 years testing the effects of Nutrients in foods (Phytochemicals) in the treatment and prevention of Cancer.

She assessed referred patients to determine health status, diabetes self-management skills and learning needs, diabetes management and glycemic control; by monitoring and interpreting capillary blood glucose, A1C, lipid and blood pressure values to assess diabetes control.

She has a strong knowledge of medical ethics and laws; possess up-to-date awareness for new research, treatments, practices and technological advancements.

She is associated in social engagements by developing & facilitating nutrition programs for low-income and high-risk adults & children.