The number of people suffering from chronic diseases will touch 157 million. Almost half of all adults have many chronic diseases that they are suffering from for a long time. Even 8% of children aged between 5-17 also have some or the other chronic disease. The best Walk-in clinic in Churchill Meadows, Mississauga can help you cure these chronic diseases. But before anything else, you will need to know what is a chronic disease. And what are some common chronic diseases a Best Walk-in clinic in Churchill Meadows, Mississauga can cure? So, read out the whole blog to know more about chronic diseases and their solutions.

What is a Chronic Disease?

Chronic disease is a disease that lasts over an extended period. The least timeline for these diseases can be around 3 months. There are many reasons for chronic disease. Poor lifestyle, genetic effects, environmental factors, and stress are some of the main reasons for that. Usually, attentive medical care and management can handle chronic diseases.

These chronic diseases can impact an individual